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Rattlesnake Ledge

Rattlesnake Ledge
Trail information
Located in North Bend, this trail is 4 miles round trip with an elevation gain of 1160ft. It is shady, except for at the top. It's very popular on weekends. Dogs are allowed and many people bring them. There are many port-a-potties at the trailhead, although there are a couple in the parking area as well. To get to the trail, there is a wide gravel path around the right side of the lake to get to the trailhead, which is marked well. When you get to the ledge, be careful as there is a drop off and people have been careless and fallen off. It's easy to stay safe though, by not getting close to the edge. The rock ledge is a pretty big area where one can sit, have a snack and enjoy the view.
  1. Traveling on I-90 east, take Exit 32.
  2. Turn right onto 436th Ave SE.
  3. The road turns into Cedar Falls Road.
  4. Continue on this road for about 2.5 miles.
  5. There is a large sign for Rattlesnake Lake. Turn right.
There is no charge for parking and the lot is very big, although it can still get full on a busy day.
More Information
Although rattlesnake is in the name of the hike, there are no rattlesnakes here.
Rattlesnake Ledge information from Washington Trail Association