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St. Edward State Park

St. Edward
Trail information
Located in between Kirkland and Kenmore, this trail is a 3 mile loop with an elevation gain of 400ft, although you start at the top and go down to the water. The trail is shady and kind of washed out a bit, but it's a beautiful place to walk. Dogs are allowed. There is a bathroom by the playground and also one in the smaller building to the right. There's also one near the water. There are several trails, but the longest is around the outskirts of the park. To get to the trail, there is a path from the far right parking lot. It'll take you down to the water. There are several trails to your left near the water, but just go straight and eventually you'll come out near the playground. Don't forget to sit by the water a bit and enjoy the view!
  1. From Juanita Drive NE, turn west onto NE 145th.
  2. Turn right at the first turn after turning off of Juanita Drive.
  3. Turn right again at the first turn.
  4. Turn right again at the first turn to get to the parking lot near the trail head.
A Discover Pass is required. Park in the parking lot furthest to the right.
More Information
There is a very nice playground for children and room to run around.
Trail Map
The trails are also shown on Google Maps.
St. Edward information from Washington Trail Association
St. Edward information from WA State Parks website