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  • Title:  Social Media and Global Change
  • Subject:  Communication
  • Instructor:  Greg Tuke
  • Region:  Asia
  • Country:  India
  • School:  Central University of Tibetian Studies
  • Timeframe:  June-August 2018
  • Description:
  • This unique course provides students with the opportunity to act locally and interact globally with university peers in India while learning social media and teamwork skills. With India's dramatic growth and cultural changes, many predict it will soon join the US and China as one of the most dominant nations shaping the world's economy and environment. You will be working with students from the Central University of Tibetan Studies, located near the Ganges River, the life-source for Indian people, and learning about the complex interplay between Indian and Tibetan cultures. You will be learning with students who study the teachings of the Dalai Lama and Mahatma Gandhi, and who are helping shape how the teachings of non-violence and self-understanding will impact how India deals with the environment, human rights, and economic development in the 21st century.


  • Title:  Growth and Development through the Life Span
  • Subject:  Nursing
  • Instructor:  Eunjung Kim
  • Region:  Africa
  • Country:  Swaziland
  • School:  Swaziland Christian University
  • Timeframe:  September-December 2018
  • Description:
  • Focuses on human growth and development throughout the life span. Emphasizes influence of growth and development theory and research on achievement of health and health promotional efforts directed toward persons of various ages and life styles. Optional service learning component. Open to nonmajors.


  • Title:  Feature Writing for Print Media
  • Subject:  Communications
  • Instructor:  Chris Demaske
  • Region:  Europe/Asia
  • Country:  Russia
  • School:  Moscow State University
  • Timeframe:  September-December 2018
  • Description:
  • Explores the news feature writing, with emphasis on developing story ideas, gathering materials, and writing in clear, compelling fashion. Intended for students who wish to contribute articles to The Ledger, community newspapers, or specialty publications. Also covers writing for the freelance market.


  • Title:  Japanese and US Popular Culture
  • Subject:  Cultural Studies
  • Instructor:  David Goldstein
  • Region:  Asia
  • Country:  Japan
  • School:  Meiji University
  • Timeframe:  September-December 2018
  • Description:
  • Examines the study of cultural forms, artifacts, and practices. May include art, art history, literature, theater, music history, ethnomusicology, dance, and/or religion. Topics and approaches may vary with instructor.


  • Title:  Advances in Environmental Geosciences
  • Subject:  Environmental Sciences
  • Instructor:  Peter Selkin
  • Region:  Europe
  • Country:  France
  • School:  Institut du Physique du Globe
  • Timeframe:  January-March 2018
  • Description:
  • Provides the background and skills to understand and use basic mathematical modeling approaches to solving environmental problems. Covers basic models and case studies, and applies models to data using basic mathematical and software programming approaches.


  • Title:  Mapping Luso-Brazilian Cultures
  • Subject:  Portuguese Studies
  • Instructor:  Eduardo da Silva
  • Region:  Africa
  • Country:  Mozambique
  • School:  University Eduardo Mondlane
  • Timeframe:  September-December 2018
  • Description:
  • Explores cultures of Brazil, Portuguese-speaking Africa, Asia, and Europe within the framework of cultural studies theory. Follows an interdisciplinary approach, drawing from readings, audio files (radio), films and documentaries in history, literature, arts and performances, anthropology, among others. Focuses on selected cultural aspects and countries