Going Global U

Connecting university teachers globally to create student learning projects

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GoingGlobalU enables university teachers to find each other worldwide and design student learning projects together as part of their regular classrooms. University teachers complete profiles on themselves, then use this site to find other educators with matching interests. Adminstrators may use this site to aid teachers in finding each other and act as a resource in the forums. Projects can be created and searched as well. These projects are based on a well known approach called COIL or Collaborative On-line International Learning, which has been used in hundreds of courses for many years.


In the 1990’s, the internet opened up exciting new avenues for global communication, commerce and education. No longer did we have to rely on travel to have meaningful, live conversations. We could learn and work together, but to communicate effectively when not face to face, required new ways of thinking and interacting to be successful. Many K-12 schools began to experiment with these new virtual tools to help students connect across countries and cultures, yet universities remained woefully behind. Yet universities are ripe for some of the richest dialogue and problem-solving educational activities. The skills needed in today’s work world, and in civil society to find solutions to the global issues we face require us to become highly competent in cross-cultural communication and virtual problem-solving. There is a growing demand among students and educators today to have our universities help students practice these skills across all subject areas. A key challenge has been to develop a tool to help educators in our universities efficiently find good matches for their students in the areas they teach. GoingGlobalU was developed in 2018 to address that need.

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About the Founder

Greg Tuke, MSW is a leading international instructional coach in the design and application of Collaborative On-line International Learning (COIL) courses. He has been teaching and coaching K-18 faculty for ten years and currently teaches Social Media, Contemporary Social Issues and Social Change Strategy courses at the University of Washington, with a focus on using video, social media and international video conferencing to enhance cross-cultural teamwork and problem-solving. He has twenty-five years of experience leading education and international organizations, and is the founding Executive Director of three non-profit education organizations. Mr. Tuke recently returned from a six month Fulbright -Nehru Fellowship in which he coached US and India faculty implementing COIL courses, and worked with university faculty throughout India, providing training in how to embed international collaboration strategies into their existing courses.