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Connecting university teachers globally to create student learning projects

Help in Finding Answers

How do I find out more about creating a course or program?

Going Global is a site Greg Tuke, the founder of this site, created to specifically provide resources and information about COIL.

UW Bothell has a list of resources for developing a COIL-enhanced courses or programs.

Collaborating across countries and classrooms webinar with Greg Tuke.

What is COIL?

COIL is an acronym for Collaborative Online International Learning. It is an approach to fostering global competence through development of a multicultural learning environment that links university classes in different countries. Using various communication technologies, students complete shared assignments and projects, with faculty members from each country co-teaching and managing coursework. The term COIL was coined by the State University of New York. There is more about COIL on the UW Bothell website and SUNY COIL Center website.

Who is this website for?

University faculty and adminstrators who are looking for each other to collaborate on COIL project.

Where is the contact information for members?

You will need to sign up and create a profile in order to see that information.

How did this website come to fruition?

Greg Tuke realized there was a need for teachers from different countries to be able to more easily find each other to create classroom COIL projects. He works at UW Bothell which is on the same campus as Cascadia College where Dr. Brian Bansenauer was looking for web design projects for his students to work on in a User Interface Design class. The project then became an internship opportunity for students to continue to develop this website.