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Web Designer animated text



This is the site you are currently viewing. I used JavaScript, but I also created a jQuery version that can be seen on GitHub as well. They are used to navigate the menu and also animate the header and nav up. All content is on one page this way. I created the Web Designer animation with Illustrator, basing it on a font I liked, then saving it as an SVG and modifying the CSS in the file. It took awhile to create the line, but creating the CSS in the SVG was pretty quick. I've played around with SVG's before and enjoy it. I had an idea to make it look like someone was writing Web Designer on the page and then figured out how to do it.

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Pacific NW Photos

Gallery of photos I created using CSS Flexbox and plain JavaScript. I really like CSS Flexbox and have used it in other projects. The original project was done with a JavaScript library, but I wanted to challenge myself to see if I could do it with plain JavaScript. I did it! You can see the other versions if you look on GitHub. It's explained in the ReadMe file.

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Walking in Nature

This is the first website I created at the community college I went to, but then I improved it after learning more. I added some CSS animation for selecting the hike, created SVG boot prints that appear in the header when the screen is at least 960px wide, made it responsive, etc. I wrote all of the content and took all of the pictures. The dots look best in Chrome.

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Responsive Web Design Projects

I created these projects to increase and cement my knowledge of responsive web design and also attain a certificate from freeCodeCamp. There were some learning modules to go through and then the projects with specific requirements by freeCodeCamp. I put the projects on CodePen as suggested by freeCodeCamp.

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Going Global

I created this website for a User Interface class at the community college I went to. I worked on a team of four, but only one other person knew how to code and was pretty busy. He helped with a few pages. I designed and developed the overall website, the header, the footer and icons there, and edited the content on the homepage from the client we were working with. I also created a mock-up for the site on Illustrator. I did work with a fellow student on interviewing the client, figuring out the purpose of the site, writing up a proposal, and deciding where to put elements on the page. We also did some user testing in this class. After the class was over, I worked to make the site responsive and created the logo during a short internship.

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Art Space

A simple project I did for school that is for children with colorful animation and an easter egg. I used Greensock, jQuery, and a CSS library.

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About Rebecca

What I'm looking for...

I'm looking for a work opportunity in the Web Design field that will enable me to use the skills I’ve developed and expand upon them. I'm interested in projects that involve any type of front end work, such as designing a website from scratch, writing code for an existing design, streamlining code, or making a website responsive. Local or remote entry-level positions as a part-time, full-time or contract employee are welcome. It's been challenging to find available entry-level positions in this field, so I appreciate your time and consideration. I’m available immediately and look forward to speaking with you.

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A little background

I was raised in Orlando, FL, but I've lived on the Seattle Eastside for about 16 years now. I enjoy hiking, exploring small towns, art galleries, and good food. I started dabbling with Web Design many years ago, but decided to have children instead of starting a career. I did work in the Engineering field for a few years, but I didn't like it very much. Web Design is so much more interesting to me. There's always something to learn and I love being creative.